Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Merit blog post 4


Today I woke up with excitement on my face. It was the day of band auditions and I had a practice before school with Mr McCallum. When I got to school it was half past eight, I went into the radio room and when I got there I found Ashley there. Ashley and I were auditioning together, the song we were doing was Budapest. The first thing we practiced was the song Mr McCallum singing for us. Secondly we did the song again but we only did it down to the chorus.lastly we did the song without anyone singing, it sounded really good. Our audition was at lunch time when lunch time came Ashley and I went over to Mr Rules room we were the first to audition as Ashley had library on after. We played Budapest for Mr Rule then we talked about how we did we both thought we did well. I am very proud of myself because I think that I showed community during this because Mr Rule wanted some seniors in his band so I decided to give it a go for our school. 

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