Wednesday, 27 November 2013


        We are learning to perform a dance from the 1940's in the         School Production.
        We had to ...
        -   learn the steps for a box-step Foxtrot.
        -   keep in time with the music.
        -   work with a partner.

       Student comment
      It is tricky to learn the steps and keep in time.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Term 4 Written Language.

WALT write a character description of a person we know very well.
We know we have achieved this when we …
-    have written about the person’s physical appearance (the way they look).
-    have written about the person’s behaviour (how they speak or act).
-    have written about how they affect other people (what do they do to make you notice them).
-    have written about the person’s environment and belongings.

-    used descriptive words to make a picture in the mind of the reader

My Dad by Maddy Laing

My Dad’s name is Michael. He has browny-black, spiky, short hair that looks like a bear’s coat in winter. He has bluey-greeny eyes that are the colour of the sea. He has bits of hair on his arms. There is also tanned skin on his back. He is funny because Dad tells jokes. He is fun too. He takes me for boat rides to the beach. Sometimes he can be cross but not usually. He doesn’t do it too often. He is an accountant. He is caring. Every day he says he loves me and he is 37. For work he wears a tie and a striped work top, black shoes with long black laces and he puts gel in his hair every day he goes to work. In the weekend he works in the garden and chops trees down. He lives at 31 Brigham Drive, Halswell. Dad owns two cars, a house with a black roof and yellow walls with 13 windows. It is very tidy. He is growing a moustache at the moment. His garden has trimmed grass and lots of flowers in the garden.

You have used some good similes and some adjectives in your description to create that picture about your Dad.

Next steps:
1.    Organise your description into paragraphs about the same things– what he physically looks like, about his personality/behaviour, and about his environment/belongings.
2.   Try to start as many sentences with different words as you can.
Term 4    Discovery

We are learning to involve ourselves in activities during discovery and use one of Key Competencies
We know we have done that when we show we  
  • ·      use Language symbols and texts
  • ·      Self-manage our learning
  • ·      Participate and contribute
  • ·      Relate to others

Student voice:
I showed the Competency of Language, Symbols and Text when I was sharing what I made and I explained how I made it and what it was for.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Term 4     Music

We are learning to create a piece of music using a 4 beat pattern.

We know we have done that when…
-       we can use the ta,  ti-ti and sah symbols
-       we can clap the beat in time

-       we can work with a partner, put two patterns together and present the piece to the class.

Saturday, 28 September 2013