Thursday, 17 November 2016


WALT: I have been involved in daily fitness
SO WHAT: We have been playing games like Breakthrough, hoop ball and bonus ball.I have enjoyed having fitness with Mr Hillary because we get to play fun enjoyable games that involve getting you fresh air and getting you out and active.
Now WHAT: When there is a school active event (run,bike,run and cross country) coming up for fitness I would like to turn it into some training for that event.

Take a Stand and Lend a Hand

WALT:We have been learning about how we can...'Take a Stand and Lend a Hand'
SO WHAT: In our class we have learnt about Followers,Supporters and Defenders. Followers do not initiate but take an active role in bullying . supporters support the bullying but don't take an active role in the bullying. defenders dislike the bullying and try to help by intervening and getting a teacher.
NOW WHAT: If I ever see anyone bullying someone I will be a defender and intervene and helping the target.  

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

WALT: Complete a group of reading activities.
So What: I had to read the story allocated to my group and then complete the project questions.My group will also see Mr Hillary later in the week to check this.
Now What: For me to make sure that I have the answers close to right I can re read the questions and see if I have the right answers.