Monday, 20 June 2016


WALT:I have been learning to manage myself in the playground 
So What:Something that has been going well for me in the playground is share and use equipment fairly I have been using this value because everyday my friends and I either play Corner dash or King witch involves using a ball so we take turns using the ball.
Now What:Something that could go better for me is agree on game rules and play fairly because sometimes when we play Corner dash somepeople cheat.

Winter sport

WALT:I have been involved in weekly winter sport in 2016.
So What:In my winter sport team for netball for first week we had a loss the Score was 12-9 in the second week we had a very bad loss the score was 16-0 then our next game we had a win 14-7 the week after that we were up against Jessica's team we had a loss and don't know what the score was and last week we had yet another loss and the score was 11-15.
Now What:The sport that would be my second choose is Rugby and the skills that I need to work on is standing a meter back. 

Learning opportunities

WALT:I have been involved in extra learning opportunities.
So What:I have been involved in Canterburys,Zones,kapahaka,dance group,Cross country,Run bike run,Rugby League,the Worriors,Travis wetlands,Guitar and Radio station.My favorite involvement is Zones and Canterburys.I loved doing these events because I like getting involved and doing sport.some of the Canterburys and Zones I have been to are Run bike run,swimming and cross country. I learnt to never give up.
Now What:My goal for term four is to make it in to Zones for Athletics and if I make it then my goal will be to go to Canterburys.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


WALT:I have been learning a range of Multiplication and Division strategies.
So what:say that the key number was 44 how many 5s are in 44 so let's make it easy and say how many 5s are in 40 well that would be 8 then you would make a remainder and the remainder would be 4.
Now what:I think I need to work on my 7and 8s times tables I would also like to learn my 12 times tables.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Habitat art

WALT:describe different habitats in New Zealand and species that live in them 
So what:the fetches of my habitat are the coral,the salty water,birds in the sky and the waves I am most proud of the way I set the animals out here are the animals in my art,great white shark,sea turtle,starfish p,mussel,clam,fish,jellyfish,crab and birds one of the problems I solved was finding space for the animals in my art
Now what:something I would do differently is adding more seaweed.