Thursday, 7 July 2016

term to PMI

* I've been challenged in my Spelling learning
*Winter sport has been fun because everyone has been playing by the rules
*I've enjoyed SML because there is more time to do it in and different actives to choose from

*For winter sport when we were in the A grad we were losing all our games and we were losing by a lot but now we are wining all our games in the B grad
* Sometimes I don't finish all my SML because I have a lot of extra learning opportunity's  to do
*When I go to guitar I go straight after morning tea and miss a lot of learning

*I found Chinese very interesting because we get to  learn a new language and do some stretches for the Chinese numbers and we sometimes make stuff out of paper (origami)
*In term 2 we started doing jump jam with the year 5/6 classes I found it interesting because we also got to do Hui with them
*something that has been going for the whole year is Room 10 and 11 Hui together it is very interesting because we get to discuss the CARE values for the fortnight