Thursday, 17 November 2016


WALT: I have been involved in daily fitness
SO WHAT: We have been playing games like Breakthrough, hoop ball and bonus ball.I have enjoyed having fitness with Mr Hillary because we get to play fun enjoyable games that involve getting you fresh air and getting you out and active.
Now WHAT: When there is a school active event (run,bike,run and cross country) coming up for fitness I would like to turn it into some training for that event.

Take a Stand and Lend a Hand

WALT:We have been learning about how we can...'Take a Stand and Lend a Hand'
SO WHAT: In our class we have learnt about Followers,Supporters and Defenders. Followers do not initiate but take an active role in bullying . supporters support the bullying but don't take an active role in the bullying. defenders dislike the bullying and try to help by intervening and getting a teacher.
NOW WHAT: If I ever see anyone bullying someone I will be a defender and intervene and helping the target.  

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

WALT: Complete a group of reading activities.
So What: I had to read the story allocated to my group and then complete the project questions.My group will also see Mr Hillary later in the week to check this.
Now What: For me to make sure that I have the answers close to right I can re read the questions and see if I have the right answers.


Monday, 12 September 2016


WALT:I have been involved in swimming over the last 2 weeks 
So What:At swimming my group has been learning about all the different strokes,something that I have defiantly improved on  is my butterfly at the start of the lesson I was finding butterfly really hard but now I am getting better,my arms are straight when they go over and it doesn't hurt.Something that I found challenging was keeping my eyes down when doing my breaststroke,freestyle and butterfly.This year at swimming I have really loved doing the assessment because it was spectacular doing so many lengths.
Now What:I would like to improve on my freestyle by keeping my eyes down.  

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


WALT:We have been learning about Measurement 
So What:for this task I had to measure around the perimeter of these shapes eg:5cm+22cm+5cm+22cm=54
Now What:For fractions this term I am in Mr Forman's class my goal for this term is to get into Miss Patterns group I would like to improve on getting better at what what we are learning at the moment.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


WALT: We have been learning about Olympic's
So What:Something interesting that was in the Olympic's was that Eliza McCartney won a bronze medal
Now What:A sport I would like to compete in one day would be pole vault because it looks very hard and I like a challenge also it seems very fun. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

term to PMI

* I've been challenged in my Spelling learning
*Winter sport has been fun because everyone has been playing by the rules
*I've enjoyed SML because there is more time to do it in and different actives to choose from

*For winter sport when we were in the A grad we were losing all our games and we were losing by a lot but now we are wining all our games in the B grad
* Sometimes I don't finish all my SML because I have a lot of extra learning opportunity's  to do
*When I go to guitar I go straight after morning tea and miss a lot of learning

*I found Chinese very interesting because we get to  learn a new language and do some stretches for the Chinese numbers and we sometimes make stuff out of paper (origami)
*In term 2 we started doing jump jam with the year 5/6 classes I found it interesting because we also got to do Hui with them
*something that has been going for the whole year is Room 10 and 11 Hui together it is very interesting because we get to discuss the CARE values for the fortnight  

Monday, 20 June 2016


WALT:I have been learning to manage myself in the playground 
So What:Something that has been going well for me in the playground is share and use equipment fairly I have been using this value because everyday my friends and I either play Corner dash or King witch involves using a ball so we take turns using the ball.
Now What:Something that could go better for me is agree on game rules and play fairly because sometimes when we play Corner dash somepeople cheat.

Winter sport

WALT:I have been involved in weekly winter sport in 2016.
So What:In my winter sport team for netball for first week we had a loss the Score was 12-9 in the second week we had a very bad loss the score was 16-0 then our next game we had a win 14-7 the week after that we were up against Jessica's team we had a loss and don't know what the score was and last week we had yet another loss and the score was 11-15.
Now What:The sport that would be my second choose is Rugby and the skills that I need to work on is standing a meter back. 

Learning opportunities

WALT:I have been involved in extra learning opportunities.
So What:I have been involved in Canterburys,Zones,kapahaka,dance group,Cross country,Run bike run,Rugby League,the Worriors,Travis wetlands,Guitar and Radio station.My favorite involvement is Zones and Canterburys.I loved doing these events because I like getting involved and doing sport.some of the Canterburys and Zones I have been to are Run bike run,swimming and cross country. I learnt to never give up.
Now What:My goal for term four is to make it in to Zones for Athletics and if I make it then my goal will be to go to Canterburys.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


WALT:I have been learning a range of Multiplication and Division strategies.
So what:say that the key number was 44 how many 5s are in 44 so let's make it easy and say how many 5s are in 40 well that would be 8 then you would make a remainder and the remainder would be 4.
Now what:I think I need to work on my 7and 8s times tables I would also like to learn my 12 times tables.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Habitat art

WALT:describe different habitats in New Zealand and species that live in them 
So what:the fetches of my habitat are the coral,the salty water,birds in the sky and the waves I am most proud of the way I set the animals out here are the animals in my art,great white shark,sea turtle,starfish p,mussel,clam,fish,jellyfish,crab and birds one of the problems I solved was finding space for the animals in my art
Now what:something I would do differently is adding more seaweed.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Travis Wetlands

WALT:what changes do I need to make to help habitats and animals.
So what:I learn that in a swamp like the picture below there are lots of insects like a Backswimer,Boatmen,Worm lavae and a Water beetle  the best place to find them are under bushes that are covering the swamp I also learnt about the food web.
Now what:Why is the desert so hot.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Animal habitats.

WALT:we have begun a new topic about habitats and species.
So what:I learnt that mammals are animals that can breath through their lungs.
Now what:(Questions from the wall in our classroom)Why are there four months of no sun in Antarctica and four months with sun?Why do penguin males carry there baby's why don't the women?Why do Zebras have strips?How does the water in Africa disappear? 

Monday, 16 May 2016


WALT:learn and find information about ANZAC day.
So what:I learnt that when the army went to Gallipoli they made the trenches right next to each other and there was only a little bit of land between them and that land was called "no mans land" and I also found out that ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps. 
Now what:I think that I need to start going to dawn services and reading books about world war 1&2. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Run bike run

WALT:Take part in the run bike run 
So what:on Monday all the year 4-8 children went down to the Halswell domain and did the Run bike run I Enjoyed the Run bike run because I won my age group. 
Now what:for my next step I think I need to work on my fitness and start training for events like this.