Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Excellence blog post 3

Excellence blog post 3

Today I had Band practice, when I arrived at band I started to tune my guitar. After this Mr Rule and us started to play through the song, we had to be careful that we didn't sped it up. Something that Mr Rule said we have to work on is when we hit a note to make that strum louder. We practiced doing this and Mr Rule said it was sounding good. While we were doing this I was trying to learn the cords of by heart. Mr Rule said that he was going to play the piano for us so we could find the beat. Before I new it band practice was over and we had to go back to class, while I was going back to class I was thinking about band practice and thinking that I should keep on trying to learn the cords of by heart. 

Key leadership role Excellence blog post 3

Key leadership role Excellence blog post 3 

Today I asked  Sadiyah If I could do it with her, she said yes. But then at lunch time we both had a sausage sizzle and a juice also I had band practice which was an issue. But then I said that I could do it for the first half and then go to band. When lunch time came we went and got our sausage sizzle then we went to get our juice, Ashley was holding a spot for me but Sadiyah had to go to the back of the line. The line was huge, While Sadiyah waited I went to band practice but by the time I came back the bell rung and Sadiyah had only just got her juice. So then we decided that we couldn't do PALS that day. Throughout all this drama I was thinking that I was handling it well even though I didn't get to do PALS I still tried. 

C8 Home Learning Challenge Excellence blog post evidence

C8 Home learning challenge excellence Evidence 

After school today I wanted to do a home learning challenge, I decided to do this one make a scrapbook for a family member. What I had to do to achieve this was find a old photo album, collect some photos of Bella, A range them in order, then place them in there spots. So I started to do this while I was doing this I found some interesting photos. After I had finished the scrapbook I delivered it to Bella, Bella was very pleased, she was very happy with it. When I found the time to think about what I had done I started to realize that i had shown Community by Giving back to Bella for bringing a smile on my face everyday 

Key Leadership role Excellence blog post 2

Key Leadership role Excellence blog post 2

Today I'm going to blog about choir, I am going to blog about choir because I couldn't do PALS yesterday.
Today I arrived at school early, at 8:45 I had to attended choir. When I got to choir the first thing I did was do the role. After this I went into the hall and started singing eye of the tiger for our warm up. Then we had a vote on what we would be singing at our school assembly, we all voted for Africa, we then started singing Africa. When we had finished the song Mr rule suggested that we add in some harmonies so we did, the harmonies we did were adding in all the boys on "da da da da ba" we went over it like that a couple of times then Mr Rule decided that at the end of the song we were all going to be doing the "da da da da ba' thing. after that choir was finished and while I was walking back to class I was thinking about how much I contributed. 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Evaluate statements made by others about the findings of statistical investigations and probability activities.

Evaluate statements made by others about the findings of statistical investigations and probability activities.


In the newspaper article, ‘Which Social Media for Teens?’, it was reported that young people are using different forms of social media than they did a few years ago.
Read the article below and comment on whether the reporter’s statements are consistent with the survey data.
Which Social Media for Teens?
It looks like Facebook is no longer cool amongst the teens of today.  Instagram and Twitter have taken over the most popular social networks among American children and these kids are ditching Facebook.
Research has shown that today’s teens are no longer using Facebook. Rather, they are using Instagram and Twitter. There has been a steady decline in the usage of Facebook, with all other social networks increasing in popularity. Surveys of 15,000 social network users between the ages of 13 and 19 over the past three years, gave the following results:
Source: This article has been created for the purpose of this statistics exercise and is not from any publication.
In The article it said that Instagram and Twitter have taken over the most popular social networks, in the survey it says that Instagram has taken over and this is very true but the statement about Twitter is incorrect, Twitter has decreased over the years. Further on it says that  There has been a steady decline in the usage of Facebook this is very true Facebook has decreased hugely over the years.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Excellence blog post 2

Excellence blog post 2 

Today I had Band practice. At lunch Ashley and I crabbed our guitars and walked to the hall. When we arrived at the hall We put our guitars on the stage then we went into the radio room and got a music stand. After we all had our music stands we started to tune our guitars, we then started to play Hey Jude. The first thing we did was practice with the keyboards starting and then the guitars. I asked Mr Rule to make the song a little faster and everyone agreed so we did. Mr Rule made us try lot's of different orders, the order that was most successful was the one when the Violin started on Hey and then everyone else joined on Jude. After our practice we all put are stands away and then we left. When I got back to class I thought about how we sounded as a group and I thought we sounded pretty good. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

E10 Home Learning Challenge Excellence blog post evidence

E10 Excellence Home Learning blog post 2 

In the weekend I had Ashley over for a sleepover. At school on Friday Ashley and I had a discussion about making slime for a home learning challenge, so we decided to go with that idea. When it was time for Ashley to come over on Saturday I was very excited because I had never made slime before. After we had a little bit of a play we started to make slime Ashley had made it before so I did     what she did, we needed to get borax, lotion, shaving cream and water to make slime. It got really messy but it was really fun, We made lots of slime we started to pour borax and water into a cup then we got a bowl and added shaving cream, lotion and water. For my first time making slime I think I did really well. Something that I have to remember is not to add to much water into it. 

Article Writing

In writing I have been learning to:
  • use all basic punctuation independently
  • attempt more complex punctuation (eg semicolons, colons, parentheses)

I have been especially focusing on using parentheses and commas. I have highlighted these in green where I have used them as well as other punctuation that I changed because it was used incorrectly. Here is a piece of my writing that shows this.

Article Writing

Leadership is having the skill of being able to motivate  people/teams to work towards a goal. To be  a good leader you have to show the six traits, these six traits are Integrity,Trustworthy, Motivational, Resilient, Goal Focused and  Active thinker. My key leadership role for 2017 is a PAL. This means that every Thursday I go and set up a game for the Kouri/ Kakono students. My goal this year is to get more people more active more often, to achieve this  I will need to show the six leadership traits

One leadership trait is Integrity, Integrity means being honest and fair. An example of someone showing Integrity is Laura Langman, Laura always has to show Integrity when she is playing a game of netball. Laura showed this by being honest when she did the wrong thing or when the umpire made a call( she disagreed with) she was fair and she just went with it. Integrity is very important to being a PAL because the whole school is relying on me to do my job right, Mr Muller needs to trust that I can show up on time and be responsible. I know that as well as having the quality of Integrity that being Motivation is a big part in being a PAL.

Motivational is a good skill to have because you can encourage others and help others have fun. Someone that I believe has the skill of Motivation is Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Ed showed this skill by motivating himself and others. He motivated others when he went to the other side of the world and motivated people to follow their dreams, a time when he motivated himself was when he climbed Mt Everest he had to fight through the pain to reach the top. I think that being a Motivational PAL is extremely important because you have to be encouraging to everyone to have a good game, by doing this you are making others feel comfortable in the game. Another good reason is that you want people to join in your games and have fun. Something that goes without saying that a PAL needs to be is Trustworthy as well as Motivational.

A Trustworthy PAL means being committed to your duty and being able to show up on time to you game/meetings. A leader that I think is good at being Trustworthy is Mr Muller. Mr Muller is always being relied upon, you can trust him to sort out a problem. He is committed to is job and turns up on time to everything. Mr Muller is someone you can look up to. Being Trustworthy is exceptionally important to a PAL because lots of people are relying on you. Riley has to trust me to turn up on time and not to disappoint her ( I also have to trust her), Mr Muller is trusting me to be a PAL,all the teachers and students at the school are relying on me to do my duty. Something that I am going to do to show that I am Trustworthy is turning up on time to games/meetings, I will have everything ready for my game and be organized, If anyone is away and someone needs help and they ask me I will always say yes.

“Therefore, to be a good PAL I will need to demonstrate the leadership traits Integrity, Motivational and last but not least Trustworthy. I will show this traits by Turning up on time, I will make fair and honest calls in a game and encourage others. This year I know that I am going to be a good PAL”

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Key Leadership role Excellence blog post 1

Key Leadership role Excellence blog post 1  

Today Riley was away so at the start of the day I asked Sadiyah to fill in she said yes. When it was time for Sadiyah and I to do PALS we went into the P.E shed and looked for some gear, we found soe moon hoppers, skipping ropes and stilts. While we were walking over there we started getting people asking if they could play, we said yes. The idea of this game was that it would be a relay so moon hoppers went firs then stilts then skipping ropes. something that I think I did well was explaining the rules well because I faced the sun. After a little while we decided to chance the game and add some more rules in, we added numbers to the game. Then we started to pack up, we got all the gear back without any troubles. We delivered the gear back to the  P.E shed. After all of this I think that Sadiyah showed community by helping out others, I think that I showed active thinking by thinking "how can I get someone to fill in for Riley" and then acting on it. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A6 Home Learning Challenge Excellence blog post evidence

A6 Home Learning Challenge Excellence 

Today after school I wanted to do a home learning challenge so I did this one. I didn't know how to work Garage band as this was my first time using it so I had to work out how. The first thing I did was choose which instrument to use, I decided to chose  Guitar because I play it. Then I had to work out what to do to make it play, I found out that you have to press the red button to recorded your song. After I had recorded it I went to "My Songs" and found that song. When I had finished this home learning challenge I thought that I showed active thinking because I had to problem solve and think creatively.

Excellence Blog post 1

Excellence Blog post 1 

Yesterday Mr Rule called a meeting at lunch for the band to attend. The instruments in the band are Guitar, Piano,drums, violin and flute, my role in the band is playing the guitar. So yesterday at lunch Ashley and I went to Mr Rules classroom and tuned our guitars, then when all the people were there we started our session. Mr Rule said that he would like to choose the first song for the band so he chose "Hey Jude" A lot of us didn't know that song so Mr Rule played it for us. After we had done that Mr Rule gave us the cords to it and said we could have a go playing it. When we had all had a try playing it we broke it up so the violinists played the intro and then the guitars and so on. Once we had a go playing it as a group Mr Rule said that it would be to hard having us all at the same time so he split us up, this meant that the guitarists would have to have their session on Mondays at lunch. After our practice I thought that I showed lots of the community value because I was participating in school activity's and getting involved. 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Games with minimal or no equipment.

In PE we have been participating in a variety of games that require little or no equipment.
Below is the Matrix which shows our progression in this unit of learning.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.32.06 PM.png

The table below shows my understanding of games with minimal or no equipment.
(Fill this table in, in as much detail as possible. )

Examples of Games that need minimal or no equipment.
What equipment would we usually need to play these games.  
Why do we play games with minimal or no equipment?
Tag games
French cricket
Indian tag
Invisible touch
Because if you are playing with your friends and you need to play a game with no equipment then you can play one of these games 

My Strengths.  
Some things that I have done well during this unit of learning are following instructions .because When I came to a teacher I listened to them and followed the instructions

My Next Steps.
Some things I could improve on when playing games with minimal or no equipment are Not to talk as much Because When I arrived to a game I sometimes talked to the person next to me and made comments.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Merit Blog post 5

Key Leadership role Merit post 5

Yesterday morning was so nerve raking, it was the day of run,bike,run and I was nervous. That morning when I got school it was all I could think about, while we were walking our bikes down to Westlake park I was telling Ashley how nervous I was. When we got to Westlake the first thing we did was go to the games the house captains were running, the year 7/8's got to play french cricket. But half way through the game my race got called over to start. While I was lining up to start I felt butterflies in my tummy. When we were all ready to start Mr Hillary said ready,set and GO! At that moment I ran, at the end of the first run I started the bike while I was doing the bike I felt free and it felt great. When I started the last run I ran for my life and at that moment when I was crossing the finish line I knew I had won and that I tried my best. About 30 minutes after I finished we had the prize giving and I went up and got my medal. When I got home I thought that I showed all the CARE values by getting involved and trying my best.  

Key Leadership role Merit blog post 5

Key Leadership role Merit blog post 5

Today Riley and I had PALS. We were on Kauri this week and we didn't know what to play so we tried to think of a game, then Riley came up with the idea of french Cricket. We both got our vests on and went outside with the gear. When we got to the spot we were playing on I realized that I forgot the POZIS so I ran back inside and got them. The first thing we did was explain the rules to the people that were playing. After we told the rules and made sure everything was clear we started to play, some people in our game got a little carried away but we handled it, we handed out loads of POZIS. The game was going really good so Riley and I decided to keep it going.From then on it was good. After the game had finished Riley and I packed up, we put everything back where it was when we found it. Something that I would like to work on for next time is possibly having two games going at once because then one game won't be as crowded. 

A11 Home Learning challenge Merit Evidence

 A11 Home Learning challenge Merit Evidence 

last week I had to wake up a 6:30 because I had a bike race on. I didn't know what I was getting myself into because I had never done it before. When I got to Mt Summers I found Amber, the first thing I did was get registered I was doing the 20km bike. A few minutes after I got registered the race started. It was quite a long       bike ride, when I had finished the race and the last person had       finished we all got told what are score was and what the time we did it in was. The race I was in was under 18 girls and in that category I came third, my time was 1 hour and 20 minutes and the fast's time in my race was 1 hour and 7 minutes. On the way back I was very proud of the way I showed Active thinking by problem solving when I felt like giving up.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Key leadership role merit blog post 4

Key leadership role merit blog post 4

For PALS today Riley and I were doing skipping. The first thing we did was get the skipping ropes from the P.E shed. While we were in the P.E shed we saw a bucket of skipping ropes so we took that down to the junior area. When we got to the spot we were playing in all the little kids came running. After we put the skipping ropes down we stared to play a game with the long shipping rope. Lots of the little kids came and joined the long rope. one girl got 58 skips, we gave her a POZI then we made a challenge that whoever could beat 58 skips would get 2 POZI'S. We gave everyone two goes to try and beat it, but nobody could. At the end Riley and I asked everyone to pack up most people did what we said, but we found it challenge because some people ran away or didn't give us the skipping ropes, some people didn't go to class ether. Once we got all the skipping ropes we went and put them away. Today I think that Riley and I did a really good job at being a PAL because we were joining in but not dominating and we were encouraging the kids to get involved.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Square numbers to 100 and their matching square roots.

In Maths we have been learning:

Square numbers to 100 and their matching square roots.
This is part of our basic facts knowledge.
It is important to just know these as we can use this knowledge in other areas of maths.

Here are the IXL screenshots that show evidence of my learning.  

My next learning step in Maths is to try and learn to recall square numbers to 100 and their matching square roots.

Merit blog post 4


Today I woke up with excitement on my face. It was the day of band auditions and I had a practice before school with Mr McCallum. When I got to school it was half past eight, I went into the radio room and when I got there I found Ashley there. Ashley and I were auditioning together, the song we were doing was Budapest. The first thing we practiced was the song Mr McCallum singing for us. Secondly we did the song again but we only did it down to the chorus.lastly we did the song without anyone singing, it sounded really good. Our audition was at lunch time when lunch time came Ashley and I went over to Mr Rules room we were the first to audition as Ashley had library on after. We played Budapest for Mr Rule then we talked about how we did we both thought we did well. I am very proud of myself because I think that I showed community during this because Mr Rule wanted some seniors in his band so I decided to give it a go for our school.