Thursday, 9 March 2017

Merit Blog post 5

Key Leadership role Merit post 5

Yesterday morning was so nerve raking, it was the day of run,bike,run and I was nervous. That morning when I got school it was all I could think about, while we were walking our bikes down to Westlake park I was telling Ashley how nervous I was. When we got to Westlake the first thing we did was go to the games the house captains were running, the year 7/8's got to play french cricket. But half way through the game my race got called over to start. While I was lining up to start I felt butterflies in my tummy. When we were all ready to start Mr Hillary said ready,set and GO! At that moment I ran, at the end of the first run I started the bike while I was doing the bike I felt free and it felt great. When I started the last run I ran for my life and at that moment when I was crossing the finish line I knew I had won and that I tried my best. About 30 minutes after I finished we had the prize giving and I went up and got my medal. When I got home I thought that I showed all the CARE values by getting involved and trying my best.  

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