Monday, 20 March 2017

E10 Home Learning Challenge Excellence blog post evidence

E10 Excellence Home Learning blog post 2 

In the weekend I had Ashley over for a sleepover. At school on Friday Ashley and I had a discussion about making slime for a home learning challenge, so we decided to go with that idea. When it was time for Ashley to come over on Saturday I was very excited because I had never made slime before. After we had a little bit of a play we started to make slime Ashley had made it before so I did     what she did, we needed to get borax, lotion, shaving cream and water to make slime. It got really messy but it was really fun, We made lots of slime we started to pour borax and water into a cup then we got a bowl and added shaving cream, lotion and water. For my first time making slime I think I did really well. Something that I have to remember is not to add to much water into it. The care value I showed was excellence because I was trying something new. I also showed the leadership trait of Active thinker because I had to think of different ways to make the slime.

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