Tuesday, 28 March 2017

C8 Home Learning Challenge Excellence blog post evidence

C8 Home learning challenge excellence Evidence 

After school today I wanted to do a home learning challenge, I decided to do this one make a scrapbook for a family member. What I had to do to achieve this was find a old photo album, collect some photos of Bella, A range them in order, then place them in there spots. So I started to do this while I was doing this I found some interesting photos. After I had finished the scrapbook I delivered it to Bella, Bella was very pleased, she was very happy with it. When I found the time to think about what I had done I started to realize that i had shown Community by Giving back to Bella for bringing a smile on my face everyday, I also showed the leadership trait of resilient's because I didn't give up when I felt like it.

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