Sunday, 26 February 2017

E4 Home Learning Challenge Merit Evidence

E4 Home Learning Challenge Merit Evidence

I woke up this morning with a startled expression on my face, it was 7:00 and Elle White had woken Ashley and I up. It was the day of the weetbix tryathlon and Ashley and I were doing it in a team. When we arrived I went over and put my bike in transition, at 9:10 Ashley and I went over to the briefing. At 10:10 it was time for the race, while I sat and waited Ashley was swimming. When Ashley came and tagged me I went out for the bike then when I came back in I ran down to Ashley and we ran 1km to the finish. when we were about to cross the line we held hands, then I went to a man and got a medal. I think that I did really well especially on the bike, I am very proud of Ashley for being my team mate and supporting me throughout this experience.

This is a photo at the finish with Gemma McCaw  

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