Thursday, 16 February 2017

Merit blog post 2


Today on the bus ride to Technology I sat next to Ashley. The noise level was great, Mr Muller had as  all under control. When we got to Technology Ashley and I walked over to Tech styles and design. The first thing we did was a test about the black box Ashley and I worked together I think we did well. When we finished that we started to discuss what we would make and what we would be using. After we did that we filled out a sheet about some ideas to make, Ashley and I decided on a Wet tog bag, the idea of this is that the bag is waterproof so when you put you wet togs into it they won't get any of your other stuff wet. During the middle of this we had to stop and go to Chinese when we arrived at Chinese we got straight into learning. Some of the learning we did was making origami this was very challenging but I got through it. When we got back to class it was time to pack up, when the bus finally arrived I sat next to Ashley the noise level on the way back was alright. When we got back to school I reflected on my time at Technology replaying the time I had I descoverd that I was very proud of myself for showing Respect by taking part in my group. 

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