Thursday, 23 February 2017

Key leadership role merit blog post 3

Key leadership role blog post 3

Today Riley and I had PALS. We were on kakono it was Challenging chosing a activity for them but we came up with a good game to play. We decided to do moonhopers,stilts and hollahoops we were really happy with our choose but to make this work we needed to get the moonhopers,stilts and hollahoops so we went to the P.E shed and got them. But we were missing something our vests so we went and got them. We carried our stuff down to the kakono area, when we arrived all the junior students were crowding round us. All ready I knew this was going to be a good game, through out the game I was getting involved with them and I was having fun. When the game was finished Riley and I put all the gear away and put our vests outside the classroom door. This was my first time doing PALS and I loved it I am looking ford to doing this leardership role.

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