Thursday, 23 February 2017

Merit blog post 3


Today on the bus to Technology I was so excited. When I was on the bus I sat next to Ashley we both thought that the Jodie level was poor because it was way to loud but as we went it got better. When we arrived a Lincoln we made our way over to our class. The first thing we had to go was finish off sheet A and B,Ashley and I were already up to sheet B so we finished that off . After we had done that we started to prototype our bag,our first step was to chose the fabric that we needed. It took us awhile to chose but when.we had chosen we started to knit the fabric together,when we first tried that we didn't know how so  Mts Patterson took a lesson in his to.After we had fond the lesson we knew how to do it, Ashley and I both took turns knitting. When we had almost finished we got told that we had to go to Chinese, when we were at Chinese we learnt how to say a sentence about wee you wee from this was very interesting. When we got back we only had 10minutes to finish our kniting,we had finished and had two minutes spare so we decided to pack up. On the way back from Technology I sat next to Danok and we had a interesting convocation. When we were at Technology I thought I showed lots of active thinking by problem solving.

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