Friday, 16 June 2017

Distinction key leadership role post 3

Distinction key leadership role post 3
Today I had PALS, Riley and I were doing stilts.We firstly went to the P.E shed to get the gear. Then we walked down to the area we were playing in and set up for the game, once the game started we handed out POZI'S then we counted the children, we had 25 children come to our game. When the game had finished we said to everyone to put their stilts into the bucket, when everyone had put their stilts away Riley and I took the gear to the P.E shed. After our game I think that I showed Active thinking because Riley and I didn't know what to play so I problem solved and came up with a game, I also think that I showed Integrity because during the game I was being fair by giving everyone the same amount of POZI'S. 

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